Follow your favorite Olympic athletes with

Do you want to know which Dutch athlete gets the most attention? Or just easily track your favorites in Rio? With you can!

Media Distillery, Spraaklab, TNO and VicarVision have developed technology to analyze faces, voices and subtitles in real time to make targeted search in online video possible! This innovation was supported by the SIDN fonds.

Enter your favorite’s name in the search bar or stroll through the database of all Dutch athletes participating in Rio 2016. RioRadar shows the number of minutes your favorite athlete is visible or mentioned online.

Media Distillery is the technical force behind the audio search tool for the Dutch Business News Radio: This tool makes all BNR newsradio fragments searchable in real time, thanks to Media Distillery’s speech to text technology. Combining their expertise with VicarVision’s and other partners’, brings us at the dawn of a new search era.

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