People Analytics

People Detection

VicarVision is involved in developing a broad range of technologies that enable computers to assist in monitoring indoor environments. These technologies are utilized in various applications like consumer behavior analysis or elderly care. For such challenging purposes, an algorithmic pipeline with real-time detection and tracking of people is required with maximum accuracy and minimum computational complexity.

People Detection

Due to the vast amount of available content, scene understanding is a matter of not only accuracy but also complexity. VicarVision focuses on creating local, embedded or cloud based analysis systems with optimal accuracy and complexity. The proposed systems are applied to varying scenarios including but not limited to the following use cases:

  • Elderly care: Incident and fall detection

    People detection technologies can be used to assist medical professionals in monitoring the safety of elderly by automatically detecting possible incidents such as falling.

  • Retail: People counting and heat mapping

    People counting and analysis of shopping behavior can provide retailers with marketing insights to optimize their store and create an optimal experience.