Working at VicarVision

VicarVision is a computer vision R&D company with about 15 employees. We are an international team working mainly in English in an informal, collegial atmosphere. We come from many backgrounds, allowing us to appeal to both industry and academia. Working at VicarVision will boost your skillset and expand your career opportunities while enjoying an easy-going and relaxed atmosphere in a stable and recognized company.

2024Charlotte DasselaarEmotionally Aware AI-based
Conversation Robot for Older Adults
University of Amsterdam
2023Sam EijpeThe best non-profit advertisement strategy & predictors for donating behaviorUniversity of Amsterdam
2023Rhea GroenenbergHuman-Robot Interaction becomes more Intuitive by measures of Emotion and AttentionUniversity of Amsterdam
2022Lisa van OmmenSocial Robots for ElderlyAmsterdam University of Applied Sciences
2022Simone ColomboDetection of Blood Oxygen Saturation from VideoVU University Amsterdam
2022Julian DerksCamera-based Respiration Rate MonitoringVU University Amsterdam
2021Jasper de WintherHeatmaps. Analyzing and Visualizing People’s Walking Behavior in Retail SettingsUniversity of Applied Sciences Utrecht
2021Jamie FaberComparing a Webcam Based and Professional Eye-Tracker by Evaluating the Effectiveness of Ad Banner PlacementsUniversity of Amsterdam
2020Tim RietveldThe Effect of Temporal Supervision on the Prediction of Self-Reported Emotion from Behavioural FeaturesTU Delft
2020Kevin WallerEmotion Recognition from SpeechUniversity of Amsterdam
2020Joshua TouatiA Deep Learning Approach to Face Image Quality AssessmentVU University
2020Lisanne TalenFaceReader Online as a Tool for Measuring Website Design and Task ComplexityUniversity of Amsterdam
2020Bas van BuitenenExploring the Role of Online Facial Expression Analysis in UX-research: The Initial ImpressionUtrecht University
2019Xin LiPractical Approaches towards Complete Real-time Gaze TrackingDelft University of Technology
2019Zoe GerolemouAutomated Personality Prediction from Face VideosMaastricht University
2019Hannah BurnauPersonality Insights from Facial ExpressionsPurdue University
2018Lysbeth LeonMarketing Strategy Formation of FaceReader OnlineKozminski University
2017Eileen MillerValidation of Baby FaceReaderPurdue University
2016Sindi ShkodraniAutomated Recognition of Temporal Affective AttitudesUniversity of Amsterdam
2016Agne GrinciunaiteHuman Pose Estimation in Space and Time Using 3D CNNVilnius Gediminas Technical University
2016Nicolai van RosmalenPositive Class Localization Map – A framework for weakly supervised object localizationDelft University of Technology
2016Marian BittnerA prototype for emotion recognition through vibrotactile feedbackUniversiteit Twente
2015Nicolai van RosmalenEmpathic face tracking and recognitionDelft University of Technology
2014Jan Willem DeenGPU Implementation for a Real-Time Appearance-Based Object TrackerVU University Amsterdam
2014Marios TzakrisA Holistic approach for Photo-realistic Facial Expression Synthesis based on Neural NetworksUniversity of Amsterdam
2014Amogh GudiRecognizing Semantic Features in Faces using Deep LearningUniversity of Amsterdam
2014Natalia PapadopoulouBuddy – Designing Artificial Companionship For the Future ElderlyDelft University of Technology
2014Chanika MasciniTechnology for the Elderly: Evaluation and AcceptationUtrecht University of Applied Sciences
2013Karolina CzarnaEmotion Regulation in Consumer BehaviorUniversity of Warsaw
2013Crystal ButlerFaceReader-driven Expressive 3D AvatarNew York University, U.S.
2013Mariska SnijdewindEmotions, Facial Expressions & Advertising ResearchTilburg University
2012Koen PasmanClassifying Moods Using Summarized FragmentsVU University Amsterdam
2012Bas KooikerExperimental Study on Arm Part Detection for Pose EstimationRadboud University Nijmegen
2011Tianhua PiaoA Generic Platform for Distributed ComputationChalmers University of Technology
2010Vincent van Megen3D Pose Tracking Using Optical FlowRadboud University Nijmegen
2009Marloes van EijkAutomatic Recognition of Facial Action UnitsMaastricht University
2008Floris BerendsenForeground Segmentation of ROV Camera DataUniversity of Twente
2008Yut Kun NgAn Asian Face Model for the FaceReaderLeiden University
2008Tim den UylA Children’s Model for the FaceReaderUtrecht University
2007Paul IvanActive Appearance Models for Gaze EstimationVU University Amsterdam
2007Daan de BockTraining Set Design in Face Modeling TasksUtrecht University
2006Imo LieberwerthTwo Timeslice Based Optical Flow AlgorithmsUtrecht University
2006Marjolijn ElsingaA Topological Neural NetworkUtrecht University
2006Desmond van der Meer & Lauwerens MetzAIVOS and Human Pose EstimationDelft University of Technology
2005Hans van KuilenburgExpressions Exposed: Model Based Methods for Automatic Analysis of Face ImagesUtrecht University
2003Jetske van der SchaarAutomatic Pattern Induction: An Unsupervised Generic Method for Extracting Distinctive Patterns from an Image Content ClassRadboud University Nijmegen

Job vacancies

Currently there are no specific job vacancies at VicarVision. Open letters are always accepted and read carefully.

Current internship vacancies

Currently there are no specific internship vacancies at VicarVision. Open letters are always accepted and read carefully.


At VicarVision we are always looking for motivated and creative students with knowledge of and/or practical experience with computer vision, image processing or machine learning for a paid internship. Experience with C# & C++ and is considered a plus.

If you are interested or would like to have more information, contact us at:


Past Internships

A selection of past internships at VicarVision: