Citius, Altius, Sanius (faster, higher, healthier) or in short CAS, is a collaborative research program to stimulate people of all performance levels to engage in healthy physical activity. With the help of information from unobtrusive sensor and data science techniques, people will be motivated to improve their performance and prevent injuries during sports and fitness. VicarVision is contributing in the project by analyzing physiological signals from camera images.

Project Objectives

The program was awarded 4 million by the Dutch Research Counsel (NWO). With 8 applying research institutes, 6 affiliated Universities of applied science, 21 companies, 12 sports associations and 2 city councils this project tries to bridge the gap between research and industry for a healthier society. To tackle this enormous task, the program is built around three fundamental projects on sensing, data science and feedback (see figure below). Six applied projects each have a similar approach, combining the knowledge of these three fundamental projects. The applied projects are each in different sport-related domains, covering most occurring sports injuries in the Netherlands.

Project 4. Show your muscles!

VicarVision is involved in Project 4: Muscle and Fitness that looks into injury prevention during fitness and strength training. A long running cohort study in Dutch gyms will be used to gather injury data of recreational athletes and identify characteristics of at risk groups. We will apply FaceReader technology, our patented remote PPG algorithm as well as newly developed measures to assess the physical strain an exercise puts on an athlete unobtrusively using a camera. The project will be executed by Marian Bittner in a shared PhD project between VicarVision and the TU Delft.