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Automatic facial expression recognition

The world’s first tool capable of automatically analyzing
facial expressions.

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Vicarious Perception Technologies

VicarVision develops state of the art solutions and products for computer vision. Plugging a camera into a computer is an easy first step, but how can you make a machine see things? How can algorithms extract meaningful interpretations from a stream of pixels?

The technologies we develop aim for vicarious perception. We want our machines to perceive and name the objects and events presented to them through cameras, in the same way that we would; so they can keep an eye on things for us.

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FaceReader Demo

Automatic facial expressions

Try our free online FaceReader demo.

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FaceReader Online

Expressions for market research

A user-friendly online facial expression analysis service for market research.



Information systems

Sentient is part of the SMR-groep.

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Page rating bot services

Parabots is part of the SMR-groep.

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