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Sentient Machine Research

VicarVision is part of the Sentient Machine Research group that consists of four companies active in different AI application areas. The group counts 20+ specialists with backgrounds in AI, mathematics, informatics, robotics, software engineering and psychology and is located in the center of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The founder, Marten den Uyl, studied cognitive psychology and was a pioneer in the field of artificial intelligence already working on “sentient machines” in the early 80s.

The Other Companies


Information Systems

Sentient delivers the DataDetective datamining software suite and provides services in the development of dedicated business intelligence and predictive analytics applications. Sentient is a specialist in forensic and spatio-temporal (GIS) data mining and Dutch police forces are among its main customers.



Page Rating Bot Services

Parabots provides services in text mining and information extraction,
web search and web monitoring. Among its customers are government
agencies with concerns in fiscal and security implications from web
activities. Flaghip product Xbots illustrates the far reaching possibilities of web collection technology.


Human Insight Services

Human Perception Cloud Solutions

Human Insight Services provides cloud-based services for human emotion and behavior analysis. It’s first service FaceReader Online is now available. FaceReader Online allows companies and scientists to effectively perform online marketing or scientific research.