Video and Text AI Analysis for Political Debates

To promote human-centered AI for the public sector, the Dutch government launched a new SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) call. VicarVision was one of the companies selected for a 4-month feasibility study. We will investigate the potential of video and text AI analysis to increase understanding of political council meetings. Our project aims to bridge the gap between government and citizens and increase participation in society.

Project Objectives

In the Netherlands, not only the national political meetings, but also the municipality meetings are broadcasted live. This is a great opportunity for the public to follow the political decision-making process. However, these meetings are long, complex, and hard to follow. We will use text and video AI technologies to analyze and summarize these meetings, to present the content in a more comprehensible way.

The innovation lies in the service as a whole, but particularly in the summarization algorithm that is at its core. We have experience in data extraction in diverse projects, for example for the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision . We will use our expertise in emotion analysis from facial expressions and we will investigate additional pose, voice, verbal and textual sentiment analysis. Based on transcripts and other available information via web crawlers, we will segment and pinpoint relevant topics. This information can then be used to create several objective summaries to serve the specific interests of a citizen.


Expected Results

We will research the technological feasibility to determine if enough accurate and relevant analyses can be done. In addition, we will investigate the requirements and interests of municipalities and citizens in this technology. The results will be delivered in a paper prototype and a follow-up tender to continue the realization of this service.

Read more about the results of the project and see a visualization of our prototype dashboard in our blog.