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FaceReader Online

Online Expression Analysis

The emotion analysis software of FaceReader is now also available as a cloud service! FaceReader Online is the user-friendly online facial expression analysis service that you can now easily incorporate in your research. Upload a video to the server and let people from all over the world watch it while you measure their emotions.

You pay per minute of analysis, so no large upfront investment is needed. And the more you buy the cheaper it becomes. Interested in using the service? You are welcome to request a demo-account. FaceReader Online is developed by Human Insight Services B.V., which is an initiative of VicarVision and Noldus Information Technology.

Go to to discover more about FaceReader Online.

How does it work?

Capturing emotions by analyzing facial expressions offers additional and objective insights into the impact, appreciation, liking, and disliking of products, websites, commercials, movie trailers, and so on. So why not try it yourself? FaceReader Online allows you to create one or multiple projects.

In short, you can bulk-email a hyperlink to participants using your own survey tool, even integration in a questionnaire is possible, wait for the response, let FaceReader automatically analyze the videos, upload the analysis results on your PC with FaceReader software installed, interpret the results, and present your findings to your client. Isn’t that quick and easy?

Video demonstrating the FaceReader Online platform.