Last update: March 19, 2022

Privacy Policy

At VicarVision, we take data privacy seriously. This privacy policy describes the nature of the data VicarVison collects and what we do to ascertain that we follow EU legislation.

Over two decades of experience

VicarVision is a dedicated team of highly skilled specialists in technical and behavioral science fields. For over 20 years, VicarVision has developed state of the art computer vision products and custom solutions for clients and partners in industry and academia always adhering to strict data privacy and sharing standards. We have experience in storing and processing video data collected by third parties, collecting and storing our own data, as well as drafting case-by-case data sharing protocols for each client and business case we face. We are proud to say that we strictly honor third party informed consent agreements and our own protocols. Furthermore, despite being an organization of fewer than 250 people, we have a Privacy Officer in place dedicated to maintaining our GDPR compliance.

Does VicarVision share the data it receives?

VicarVision follows client/partner specific policies with respect to which parties can view, access, and analyze the data. As we often partner with research institutions such as universities, we make sure to adhere to the informed consent policies set by third parties. Should it be unclear of what data we can share with third parties or the public, we make sure to contact data owners to clarify what are VicarVision’s rights in sharing the data. Furthermore, VicarVision does not store data it does not own longer than the duration of a project.

Cloud Data Storage

For products where data collection and analysis is hosted on the cloud, such as FaceReader Online (, we store and process personal data on secure Microsoft Azure Servers located exclusively in the EEA (European Economic Area). Original video recordings are only stored on our servers for the duration of a project. They are deleted once our clients sets a project to closed or when the client manually removes a recording or a project. We also offer a privacy by design option where recordings are deleted immediately after analysis.

Secure Communication Protocols

All communication with our cloud based products, including the transfer of video recordings, takes place through a secure TLS/SSL (HTTPS) connection. On our servers, all data is stored using AES256 encryption in Microsoft Azure’s “blob storage”. More info on Microsoft’s security policy can be found here.

Privacy by design

In our solutions, we only store data we absolutely need and make sure that only the parties with rights to the data can view and edit. Our solutions are often installed on-site and adhere to strict privacy-by-design protocols.


Do not hesitate to contact our Privacy Officer!