Visitors can Experience AI with the Mirror Cube in the Vienna Technical Museum

Exhibition on robotics and AI

AI innovations are one of the most relevant topics of the 21st century. AI is everywhere in our everyday life, but to many people this presence is very abstract. Therefore, the Technological Museum of Vienna has created an exhibition on robotics and AI to help uncover the surrounding myths. The museum wants to give visitors a transparent look at the utopias and hysterias surrounding humanoid robots and autonomous systems. The exhibition allows visitors to dive into the fascinating algorithms of artificial intelligence. We were happy to collaborate on one of the exhibits: The Mirror Cube, where people can experience what it is like to “become data”.

Creating Awareness of the Possibilities of AI

The Mirror Cube is a new installment of the Mirror Room, developed by We Are Data. When someone steps into the Mirror Cube, sensors and algorithms start collecting data based on their reactions and appearance. This way the visitor actually becomes data. However, the option of what to do with that data lies in their own hands. The Mirror Cube aims to create awareness of the possibilities of AI on a personal and emotional level. It is great that this collaboration with a museum can bring our computer vision technology closer to the pubic in an informative way.

Visit the Museum or View the Video

The Mirror Room has been traveling through the Netherlands since 2016 and now has a new sister in Vienna. The exhibition has just opened on the 17th of December. Of course all over the world museum visits are limited, but the exhibition lasts until June 2022, so there will be plenty of time for people to visit it. Luckily you don’t have to wait to get a preview, just have a look at this exciting video: