VicarVision at ‘Smart City Smart Finance’ Event

Last month we were invited to give a demonstration of our facial recognition software at an event of the Amsterdam municipality. This broad and inspiring conference “Smart City Smart Finance – Smart People” focused on innovative practices relating to people and technology. There were several interesting presentations with original perspectives: from what we can learn about management from orchestra conductor Jules van Hessen, to why it is so difficult to change your behavior by bestselling author Ben Tiggelaar. There were also interesting demonstrations, for example, you could immerse yourself in a 4d film experience and interact with a large selection of robots.

Facial Recognition Demonstration

The organizers were interested in innovative technologies; therefore, we gave a demonstration of some of the possibilities of VicarVision’s facial recognition software. We had a special registration computer at the welcome desk where people had the option to register their face and name, and around 40 people signed up to our demo! When they then interacted with the computer on our demo site (see picture on the left), the computer could welcome them by name. Upon recognition, the custom software program stated a fun interaction where it presented their celebrity lookalike, while measuring their emotional response with facial expression analysis. This kind of facial recognition software can be used for all sorts of purposes, for example, for automatic registration or providing people with personalized information at an event.

Vicar Analytics Demonstration

We also set up a demonstration of our live retail analytics software: VicarAnalytics. With this software, you can analyze the age, gender and emotions of the public and report it anonymously. You can see the overall results of all the people that walked past the camera in the picture on the right. This gives a good estimate of the general age and gender distribution of the event. You can see that 1080 men and 386 women passed by (people can be counted multiple times) and that 16% directly interacted with our system. There was a peak in the visitors at the start of the event at 9 am and the event ended around 5:30pm, you can also clearly see when people were walking around or when they were listening to the presentations. In addition, people were predominantly happy when they interacted with the camera, so it looks like it was a successful event!

If you would like to know more about the dashboard, insights and calculations from VicarAnalytics do not hesitate to contact us for more details!