VicarVision at FG2015 in Ljubljana


Slovenia is the place to be this week!

The IEEE conference series on Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition (FG2015), the premier international forum for research in image and video-based face, gesture, and body movement recognition is in Ljubljana and so is VicarVision.

VicarVision will present two different demo’s: FaceSwap and Expression to Avatar Animation, and a paper on Action Unit recognition using Deep Learning.


FaceSwap uses the Active Apearance Model (AAM) to swap the face of another person, this way you can become anyone you want. This information can be retreived from an image, video and real-time. The realistic real-time blend of FaceSwap would even fool yourself!

Expression to Avatar Animation

Using the AAM based technique you can see an avatar mimic your facial expressions, real-time! You can change the avatar at the press of a button. With only a standard webcam you can use this system in gaming, entertainment or video conferencing.

Contact us if you want to know more about these applications!