Your facial expressions show what sex position you prefer

In the new spicy tv-show “Goedele On Top“, sexologist Goedele Liekens helps couples to improve their sex life. The day-to-day life takes up all their time and sleeping is the only thing that happens in the bedroom. Goedele takes couples to her sexlab and investigates their “love language”.

In the sexlab she uses eyetracking and FaceReader to measure responses to pornographic videos and different sexual topics. Which imaginable sex location makes the woman happy? On the hood of a car or in the swimming pool? Does a golden shower evoke disgust or lust? Based on the results of these tests Goedele gives them advice on how to spice up their sex life. In the first episode (aired on Valentine’s Day), Goedele got the guy excited for foreplay and the couple rediscovered their mutual sex language.

Are you interested in how your partner will respond to the idea of, for example, sex in the pool? Take a picture and insert it in the FaceReader online demo! For some more inspiration, tune in for the next episode of Goedele On Top every Tuesday at 21:30 on RTL 5.