robusT Risk basEd Screening and alert System for PASSengers and luggage

TRESSPASS is a H2020 42-month Innovation action project that covers air, maritime and land (including car and train) border crossing points, and specifically travel routes that combine different modalities. It excludes border crossings outside of border crossing points, as it happens with boats of refugees on the Mediterranean. With regards to threats, this includes smuggling, irregular immigration, cross border crime, and terrorism, including threats to the transport itself (e.g. aviation security – per the topic text). It also excludes other threats as posed by state-actors.


TRESSPASS includes all tiers of the four-tier access model:
(1) measures undertaken in, or jointly with third countries or service providers;
(2) cooperation with neighbouring countries;
(3) border control and counter-smuggling measures, and
(4) control measures within the area of free movement.

The projects aims to:

  • develop a single cohesive risk-based border management concept
  • develop three pivoting pilot demonstrators: Schiphol Airport, Polish Land Border at External EU crossing control point and Port of Piraeus
  • demonstrate the validity of the single cohesive risk-based border management concept by using red teaming and simulations
  • prepare for the further development of this concept beyond this project by linking to other known risk-based border management projects (in- and outside EU, within EU research frameworks and on national levels), and describe how their results contribute to a single cohesive risk-based border management concept.

People Detection and Re-Identification

As part of TRESSPASS, VicarVision develops smart capabilities for cameras. Specifically, VicarVision will extend its work from WPSS and TNO-SBIR and improve and implement existing technology in person detection, and re-identificaiton with varying cameras and settings.

Behaviour Analysis In Interviews

Using existing VV products such as FaceReader, and custom solutions developed in TRESSPASS, VicarVision will automatically analyse behaviour during interviews.

Project Partners

TRESSPASS is a strong European Consortium of 22 partners funded by the European Union and the Horizon 2020 programme, under Grant Agreement no 787120.