Empathic Products

Empathic Products

Intention and emotion aware products

The success or failure of applications and services is greatly determined by User Experience (UX). While careful UX design has proven beneficial, it is surprising how few efforts have been made to measure and respond to user experience after deploying the application. This project aims to achieve better user experience by applying affective computing technologies to understand and respond to user intentions and emotions.


  • Study use cases and business potential for empathic products
  • Package affective technologies for easy deployment
  • Design and evaluate compelling proofs-of-concept of empathic products
  • Develop a design methodology for empathic products

Unique Selling Points / Business Value

  • More humane technology
  • Better user experience
  • Competitive edge for products

Expected Results

  • Methodology to create empathic applications and services
  • Toolbox of validated emotion & intention enabling technologies
  • Validated proofs of concept
  • New business models for exploiting intention and emotion awareness

Project Partners





Examples of Application Domains



  • Ambient assisted living
  • Assessment of needs and intentions
  • Mental state observation for improved care
  • Pro-active care provisioning Stress management
  • Distinguishing between positive and negative stress
  • Mental health coaching

Immersive Communication

  • Empathic TV
  • Emotion detection for improved UX
  • Personalised recommendations based on intention Video Conferencing
  • Focus of attention
  • Communicating expressions
  • Improved feeling of presence

Public Environments

  • Digital Signage
  • Catching attention of user
  • Information on user interest
  • Personalised advertisements Tourism
  • Intention aware mobile applications with improved UX

Education And Gaming

  • Enhancing the learning process
  • Adapting to learner emotions
  • Improved learning through affective personalisation
  • User commitment by affective feedback